fry pans and sauce pans


TAGEELI - CSN(01) - Wok (Looped Wood Handles)

Wok (Looped Wood Handles)

TAGEELI - CSN(02) - Wok (Long Wood Handle)

Wok (Wood Handles)

TAGEELI - CSN(03) - Wok (Dual Wood Handles)

Wok (Dual Wood Handles)

Sunny Side Up Eggs

24CM EZ-Toss Pan

26CM Steak Pan

TAGEELI - CSN(07) - Fry Pan (Dual)

Fry Pan (Dual)

TAGEELI - CSN(08) - Fry Pan (Trio)

Fry Pan (TriO)

Grills Pan

Iron Fry Pan

Sauce Pan

Tea Pan

TAGEELI - CSN(13) - Omelette Pan

Omelette Pan

StoveTop Oven (Multifunctional)

StoveTop Oven (Potato Baker)

StoveTop Oven

Pan with seperate Handle

Tempura Pot

Tempura Pot

Tempura Pot

Wok Grill Topper

TAGEELI - CSN(22) - Paella Pan

Paella Pan

TAGEELI - CSN(23) - Egg Poacher (Trio)

Egg Poacher (Trio)

Fondue Set

TAGEELI - CSN(25) - Baking Tray

Baking Tray

Baking Tray with Rack

Baking Tray with Handle

TAGEELI - CSN(28) - Baking Tray (Perforated)

Baking Tray (Perforated)

TAGEELI - CSN(29) - Meatloaf Pan

Meatloaf Pan

TAGEELI - CSN(30) - Tortilla Pan

Tortilla Pan

TAGEELI - CSN(31) - Savarin Cake Pan

Savarin Cake Pan

TAGEELI - CSN(32) - 3-Tier Cake Pan

3-Tier Cake Pan

TAGEELI - CSN(33) - Baguette Tray

Baguette Tray

TAGEELI - CSN(34) - Universal Baking Tray

Universal Baking Tray

Pie Dish with Cutter

TAGEELI - CSN(36) - Roast Chicken Rack

Vertical Roast Chicken Rack

TAGEELI - CSN(43) - Cake Pan with Release

CakE Pan with Releaser


TAGEELI - CSN(37) - Oven Roast with Rack

DUTCH Oven Roast with Rack

TAGEELI - CSN(38) - Oven Roast with Roast Rack

Oven Roast with Roast Rack

TAGEELI - CSN(39) - Padel Bin

Padel Bin

Metal Mesh Waste Bin

Wok Ring Stand

TAGEELI - CSN(42) -  Uncoated Wok

Uncoated Wok

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